- Thomas is the young musician of the Dandelion Troupe and his principal instrument is a fiddle; he is from the Great Britain but probably to his surname he is of irish origins.

A very reliable person, Thomas is a charismatic and honest man that take care all the successes of the troupe and he is ever dedicated about his music and don't accept the failures, like what happening to Nadja after the return to Egypt when she lost her brooch; in a bit of episodes he is rational and proud in particular when John Wittard comments is music and the talent of the peripatetic artists, episodes that make he angry, rare occurrence for a man like him.

Other face of his personality is his vileness, he is a mature man but also very sensible and coward, like the episode 23 when he didn't fight against the pirates if Sylvie and Abel didn't make him drink alcool for destroy his fears.

In the manga, he is in love with Sylvie but this love is unrequited;according to the japan site of Toei, also in the anime he is in love with her, but he never declared to her.